Boat Dock Management Plan

Managing your dock during changing water levels can be time consuming, painful and the ultimate drag. Let us shoulder this burden for you. At Martin Docks we offer Lake Lanier’s premier Dock Watch Program.  On a Bi-monthly basis we monitor & adjust your dock to ensure it stays on the water and not beached, both protecting your assets and ensuring safe use of the dock and your boat.

Trusted Dock Experts Since 1956

Dock Watch is synonymous with peace of mind, knowing your dock is monitored and adjusted automatically by our experienced service teams, takes the hassle out of boat dock management and allows you to enjoy your time at the lake and out on the water..

Martin Docks' Dock Watch Program

Bi-monthly inspection of your dock

  • Cables & Anchor Systems
  • Hinges
  • Shore anchors
  • Flotation
  • Wheel system

Bi-monthly adjustment of your dock to help

  • Maintain water depth for operating your boat lift
  • Keep your ramp out of the water
  • Maintain a minimum water depth of 3’-4’ if the slope of the bank allows

What does Dock Watch not include

  • Repairs to your dock
  • Any Materials/Parts to your dock
  • Visits to your dock more frequently than Bi-monthly
  • Dock rescues caused by weather events

Enjoy Your Dock, Let Us
Handle The Rest

If you are considering managing your dock through a professional company, Martin Docks is here to help. We have been serving Lake Lanier since 1956 and have helped lakefront property owners enjoy a stress-free lake experience throughout the year. We not only build boat docks to last, we help maintain your dock, so when you are ready to enjoy the lake, your dock is ready to go. Contact us at (770) 536-0189 or request an estimate to sign up for our Dock Watch program today.